Scientific Symposia


Takeda Symposium (not part of CME Programme)

“Redefining the PID Patient Journey through personalized care”

Rationale: Demonstrate how artificial Intelligence (AI) and informatic innovation can facilitate disease detection shortening the diagnosis Odyssey and improving outcomes. Explore how the current wide range of Ig presentations together with new screening device could enhance tailored treatment to individual patient needs and preferences following the principle of patient cantered health care system

Share Takeda’s belief that every patient’s journey is unique and personal, and care should be too – considering all dimensions of the treatment (clinical, emotional, relational)


  • Welcome and introduction: Meeting objectives and agenda overview – Dr Isabella Quinti
  • My primary immunodeficiency: A look into my journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond – Gary (patient ambassador)
  • Shortening the ‘diagnostic odyssey’ with artificial intelligence (AI) and technology – Dr Jordan Orange
  • The importance of individualized PID treatment for a patient-centric health care system – Dr Isabella Quinti
  • Q&A and Closure – Dr Isabella Quinti


Octapharma Symposium (not part of CME programme)

Improving the patient journey in PID”


  • Welcome and Introduction – Dr Nizar Mahlaoui
  • Improving diagnosis and standard of care in PID – Dr Tadej Avcin
  • IG replacement therapy in PID – Dr Bob Geng
  • Difficulties & Challenges for patients being diagnosed and living with a PID – a nurse perspective,  – Nurse Emily Carne
  • Closing remarks – Dr Nizar Mahlaoui