Dr Virgil Dalm

Virgil Dalm, MD, PhD, obtained his medical degree in 2005 and registered as internist-clinical immunologist in 2011. Since then he is working as internist-clinical immunologist in the Primary Immunodeficiency center at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His clinical work focusses on care for adult patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiency disorders and transition care for adolescents with primary immunodeficiency disease. His goals are to improve early diagnosis, to  individualize and to personalize patient care, in order to improve health outcome and quality of life in patients with rare primary immunodeficiency disorders.

His research projects address various primary immunodeficiency related questions, from basic understanding of novel gene defects to identification and implementation of novel pathway targeted treatment strategies in clinical practice. Moreover, his interest is on non-classically primary immunodeficiency related complications, including endocrine and psychological/psychiatric complications in primary immunodeficiency disorders.