Prof Martin Van Hagen

P. Martin van Hagen, Prof., MD, PhD
Head, Clinical Immunology Unit
Department of Internal Medicine
Erasmus Medical Center
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

P. Martin van Hagen is an internist-immunologist at the Department of Internal Medicine, Head of the Clinical Immunology Unit at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, staff member of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital and currently visiting professor of Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand.

Prof. van Hagen received his medical training at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, doing his research training in the Department of Immunology and the Department of Internal Medicine.  He received his registration in Internal Medicine in 1993 and earned his PhD in 1995, after which he was registered as Immunologist by the National Committee for Medical-Biological Research Training in The Netherlands (SMBWO). He is member of the board of Immunedeficiency group and Medical Advisor of IPOPI.

Prof. van Hagen’s research interests include immuno-endocrinology, immunodeficiency diseases, and clinical and basic aspects of non-infectious eye diseases. He has been published widely on these subjects.