Prof Mirjam van der Burg

Biosketch Mirjam van der Burg Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) Netherlands
Mirjam van der Burg, PhD studied chemistry at the University of Leiden (1992-1997) and received her master in Biochemistry & Molecular biology ( cum laude ) in March 1997. In May 1997 she started her PhD training at the Dept. of Immunology of the Erasmus University on a project entitled Recombination processes during human B-cell differentiation. She defended her thesis in June 2002. Since January 2002 she is leader of the Workgroup Primary Immunodeficiencies, since 2018 at the Leiden University Medical Center. The PID laboratory of Mirjam van der Burg is an international reference center for diagnostics and research for SCID, DNA repair disorders and antibody deficiencies. The research lines are directly related to these entities and aim for identification of underlying genetic cause and studying the effect of the monogenetic defects on the immune system especially on B and T-cell differentiation and antigen receptor repertoire formation.
Her group is part of the Pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation center of the Leiden University Medical Center, where she works on immune reconstitution post-HSCT in patients with PID. She is workgroup leader of the EuroFlow PID group, which aims for standardization of flow cytometric diagnosis for PID within Europe. Furthermore, she is project leader of the Dutch implementation pilot study for SCID in the neonatal screening program (SONNET, Since 2014, she is board member of the European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID).