Mrs Martine Pergent

Martine Pergent has a wide experience in Patient advocacy.
First, she was co-founder of IRIS, the French Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiency, in 1998. Since then, she supports IRIS in advising the officers and the executive director.
She is particularly committed in strategic planning, publications, survey among patients, stakeholder’s cooperation and events.
She currently is the President of IPOPI, and takes part into IPOPI strategic planning, advocating initiatives (EU and national levels), fund raising and data collection.
She is particularly committed in:
-raising awareness on PID as rare conditions,
-improving access to diagnosis and treatment, among them Immunoglobulins (hospital and home therapy), she set up a global list for Immunoglobulins,
-data collection, high interest in registries and epidemiology,
-digital communications and e-health
-organisation of IPOPI global meetings (Biennial, IPIC1, ASID2
-seeting new patients organisation in Africa, Southern Europe and Middle East.
She considers as essential for Patients to be able to voice their condition, experience and needs, and be considered as true stakeholders so to be working together with Physicians, Healthcare Professionals, Health Authorities, Pharmaceutical Companies as a community strongly dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and quality of life.
Personally, she works as a consultant in Communications, advising companies or institutions.